What makes us different?

We do our best to ship plastic-free by using recycled materials such as old boxes, cake ribbons, newspapers, old magazines, scratch papers, and many more. 

We do our best to ship plastic-free “. We’re not perfect. Sometimes we use bubble wrap too. BUT! These bubble wraps were just donated & we wanted to reuse them so… here’s another packaging that we use. 


Doesn’t look nor sound fancy but we believe that it’s better to REUSE whatever we have at home first before we buy anything. That way, we get to avoid unnecessary wastes by recycling. And once we ran out of recycled materials, that’s the time we buy eco-friendly packaging. 

Also, we normally stick a note to remind the recipient to carefully open and recycle.

Check out our blog to see more of our Recycling Hacks :  

I guess you're wondering why I started this business?

I’m LA Lacson, founder of Eco Warrior PH. An environmentalist, a planeteer at an early age of 8 and an animal lover who have always dreamt of putting up an Animal Shelter. I currently work in the corporate world, and at the same time I share my advocacy through Eco Warrior PH.

Let me share with you how Eco Warrior started. A few years ago, I saw a horrible video of people pulling a plastic straw from the nostril of a sea turtle. After which, dead whales washed in the shores with tons of plastics. And then I realized, I have been using those plastics every single day. From my milk tea drinks to grocery bags, shopping bags and so on. But then I chanced upon some stainless straws online. I bought a few, started using them and loved them, then I asked myself: why not sell these to friends so they won’t use those plastic straws anymore? I may have a full-time job, I may not have the time and resources for an animal shelter yet, but I wanted to make a difference.

So I set up a shop on Facebook, started selling the straws to friends, and through social media and word of mouth, more and more people started to buy. Then a friend in Palawan told me that they produce Bamboo straws which is even better because they are more sustainable and locally made by our local farmers. We eventually ended up selling those too. A few months later, some friends were creative enough to make handmade products out of organic materials (that’s where we started having more products). And… here we are! Continuing to March towards Sustainability.

Knowing that I’m contributing something positive to the world is what keeps me excited every day. It feels so good to help not only Mother Nature but also the people who make our products. It’s also a good opportunity to educate people about the importance of living sustainably through social media. So please help us raise awareness, make a difference, and let’s make this world a better place.


Thanks again for your support,