ECO Stash Bundle


Where do you keep your Reusables?

In our case, we have an Eco Stash where we keep all our Reusables. There’s a nook near the door where we place it so we won’t forget to check and grab some of our Reusables Bags, Cutlery Sets & Tumblers before we leave the house.


Set includes:

1 Rattan Stash
1 Reusable Abaca Bag
1 Woven String Bag
1 Personalized Bamboo Tumbler (400ml)
1 Eco Army Set (Cutlery Set with straw)


Rattan Stash Dimensions:

Length: 14.5 inches

Width: 10.5 inches

Height: 11 inches

Handmade by our local farmers in Nueva Ecija.