Mundo Eco Detergent Sheets


Redefining the way you view sustainability in your laundry

Say hi to our affordable, eco-friendly & non-toxic laundry sheets.


Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Earth

Mundo Eco Detergent Sheets is a biodegradable laundry detergent alternative for your clothes packed in a plastic-free packaging. Based on our own plant-derived formula, Mundo is packed with ultra-concentrated cleaning power that will impress you while keeping our Earth happy. 


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How it works?  Just 3 simple steps:  

**1 Strip = 1 Load (3Kg)

use 1 whole sheet for heavier and more soiled loads

The cleaning effect will be better if soaked for 15 mins

3kg is approximately 15-20 cotton clothes
Sample concentration tested with 1pc/3.6L


Ingredients used: Deionized Water, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Glycerin, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Coconut oil monoglycerides-ethoxylated, Citrate Buffered Solution, Rose Mary Oil


Is the Mundo ec0-detergent hypoallergenic? 

Yes, Mundo eco-detergent sheet is 100% non-toxic and have been developed using naturally derived ingredients making it safe for people with sensitive skin and for newborn babies.

It does not contain harmful chemicals that is normally found in traditional laundry detergents.

I don’t see foam when washing my clothes. Is this normal? 

Yes, it is normal to have less suds when washing your clothes.
If you see your clothes in the machine without the same level of bubbles as the traditional one, do not worry. It’s the soap in the water that is performing in cleaning your clothes, not the foam.

How do we protect the environment by using Mundo’s eco-detergent sheets? 

Mundo’s eco-detergent laundry sheets were designed to be biodegradable, non-toxic, bpa-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free, and plastic free. Vegan and does not consists of any animal derived ingredients; and no animal testing has been conducted by our manufacturer.

Unlike traditional laundry detergents which comes in powder and liquid form packaged in plastic packaging/bottles; our laundry sheets only weights around 0.44lbs which is almost 90% lighter.

By removing the liquid from our laundry sheets, we can reduce the carbon footprint on the transportation fuel consumption compared to traditional powder and liquid detergents.

Our packaging is made 100% kraft paper which is biodegradable.

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32 loads, 16 loads