Pure Honey – Wild and Uncultured


Sustainable honey for today and future generations, our 100% Pure and Organic Honey is harvested from Mt. Banahaw supporting Local Beekepers.

Pure honey, no expiration, no sugar added.

Laboratory tested.

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Don’t panic it’s Organic!

Honey is incredible to people and pets: Honey as snacks and food ingredients.
Honey for dogs and cats: As an occasional treat is fine.


Honey will always crystallize. All you can do is to keep it away from the cold so that it crystallizes more slowly. About Ants Vs Honey. As honey is exposed to the environment, it naturally draws moisture from the air to the outer layer of the honey, this will really attract ants.
Don’t rely on ants, do the diy purity test at home.


Proudly made in the Philippines.

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Shorty, Midi, Grande, Add on Box & Dipper