~Self Care Bundle~


All. The. Self. Care. Everyone likes to feel good. But when life is busy, you can easily overlook the importance of giving yourself some tender loving care. By having your own self-care kit, you’re taking responsibility for your happiness and well-being.

Our Self Care Bundle is filled with your favorite earth-friendly products that soothe, bring you comfort and brighten your spirit even in the most challenging days. 🙂


Set includes:

1 Bamboo Paddle Brush

1 Made Mindful Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Magwai Shampoo Bar

1 Handcrafted Organic Soap Bar

1 Bamboo Soap Dish

1 Box Bamboo Buds

1 Sisal Soap Saver

1 Bamboo Toothbrush

1 Kintab Toothy Tabs

1 Charcoal Floss

Native Box, ribbon & card.