Self Care Bundle


All. The. Self. Care. Everyone likes to feel good. But when life is busy, you can easily overlook the importance of giving yourself some tender loving care. By having your own self-care kit, you’re taking responsibility for your happiness and well-being.

Our Self Care Bundle is filled with your favorite earth-friendly products that soothe, bring you comfort and brighten your spirit even in the most challenging days. 🙂


Set includes:

1 Bamboo Paddle Brush

1 Made Mindful Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Magwai Shampoo Bar

1 Handcrafted Organic Soap Bar

1 Bamboo Soap Dish

1 Box Bamboo Buds

1 Sisal Soap Saver

1 Bamboo Toothbrush

1 Kintab Toothy Tabs

1 Charcoal Floss

Native Box, ribbon & card.